Reviews from Our Guests

“We had a great time, everything was fine. The chef's oyster-opening demonstration was a fresh spot of color at the dinner and made the whole evening even more human. We were extremely satisfied. I hope this model will work in Pécs.”

- Attila -

“Extremely high-quality service, excellent choice of food and drinks!”

- Sebestyén -

“Perfect atmosphere and service.”

- Márton -

“Extremely good experience, keep up the good work on challenging the senses.”

- Réka -


- Jürgen -

“We had a lot of fun!”

- Dániel -


- Zsófia -

“It was a great experience for me, thank you!”

- Brigitta -

“Everything was perfect.”

- János -

“Everything was great!”

- Anikó -

“I am very satisfied.”

- Judit -

“Dinner was fantastic, thank you!”

- Katalin -

“Everything was just perfect! I loved it.”

- Anita -

“It was a great experience. Thanks for the hospitality.”

- Ömer -

“Thank you for a nice evening. Great adventure, it's great that the waiter speaks English.”

- Okba -

“Thank you for the kind hospitality!”

- Andrea -

“I really liked. My wife said it was one of the best experiences of her life.”

- András -

“The food, the wines, the appearance, the service, everything is perfect!”

- Gábor -

“I think it's an excellent idea. A lot will depend on flexibility and communication.”

- János -

“Very nice intimate environment. Let it stay this way. Homemade bread is a very good idea. Thank you, I had a good time. The wine selection is excellent.”

- Gyula -