The History of the Renome Private Dining Restaurant

Years ago, the owner of Trust Hungary Zrt., a wine barrel manufacturer, located in Szigetvár, Hungary dreamed up the idea of a private dining restaurant. He envisioned a space with a unique concept that can host the perfect events for business partners and guests visiting the company. A private, elegant and well-equipped venue that serves the highest quality food and drinks.

The extremely positive reception and success of the idea was a good indicator that such a place can provide the perfect solution for many companies and businessmen for exclusive catering, and is also perfect for holding private events for family gatherings and private parties. This inspired us to open our doors to all interested parties in addition to our existing business partners.

In our opinion, the great human connections require attention, sincerity and of course great food!. Our goal is to establish win-win environment for business and to showcase great hospitality. Strong connections build the trust needed to forge business and personal relationships in this constantly changing and challenging global environment.

The Renomé restaurant is located just a few meters from the historic city center of Pécs, where we return to our roots enhancing the classic ways of building relationships: with an excellent location, that allows for private conversations, while enjoying delicious dishes and great wines.

You can also build your business with us! Alternatively, just come in for a great night out!